I started with a dress from Dharma Trading that I was pretty sure my youngest would like. (She did.) Using a pale yellow dye bath, I ombred about eight inches of the hem.

My intent was to ombre the other way as well, in turquoise, but I made the dye bath too strong and didn’t really see much of a gradient. I had the dress clipped onto a hanger and also failed to move the clips around, which meant that I ended up with some yellow patches where the clips had held it. I squeezed some dye into them by hand, and though they’re still visible, they became less obvious.

I’d folded the dress in half in order to fit my dye bath/hanger, and was worried that there’d be a visible line along that fold. Fortunately that didn’t seem to matter.

Then I added fabric paint. I had a set of dragonfly stencils I’d picked up from a craft store years ago, and some Lumiere paints. I used Pearlescent Blue for the bodies, and Halo Blue Gold for the wings, which ended up looking basically golden.

2 thoughts on “Ombre dress with dragonflies

  1. Very lovely. I did a dress for a toddler that I had applied color magnet using stencils around the bottom as well as a mandala type pattern stencil on the top chest area of the dress. Once dry, I soaked in SA and did an ombre from the bottom by dipping a soda ash soaked white dress partway into a bucket of blue-green colored runoff dye from a prior project. I stopped before the waist seam to allow the blue-green dye room to keep “creeping up.” the further it creeped up the more turquoise it got. Then I mixed some watered down magenta and dipped the top from shoulders down a few inches, again leaving room for it to creepdown toward the waist area. I strengthened the ombre at the top by re-dipping the shoudlers and neck area into a slightly more intense strength of magenta. The effect was really cool, as the color magnet mandala on the top picked up the dark greens from the blue green, the turquoise effect blended into a gorgeous light purple behind the mandala. I have a pic if there’s a way to share. I decided to do a parfait ice dye with liquid on a cotton sweater to match, pouring in the blue-green over the ice and also squirting on some liquid turquoise. It was a major hit!!! The mom said she would like something just like it. (sigh)…

    1. That’s fantastic! I would love to see a picture. Also, I had never heard of color magnet before, and now I have to get some, because it sounds awesome.

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